Free Online Children’s Book Mastery Conference 15th-19th Jan

A belated Happy New Year from a dark and rainy London. I hope you had a restful holiday period and are ready to take on 2020!

I shall be posting again soon to update you on news from a groundbreaking 2019 for me personally, and what’s coming up in 2020. However, I first wanted to let you know about a FREE online Children’s Book Mastery Conference that I was invited to take part in and which will be running from Wednesday 15th to Sunday 19th January.

UPDATE SUNDAY: Sign up now to get free access to day 4 (depending on time of day) and day 5 and you’ll get free catch-up access to all of the sessions next weekend for another 48 hours.

logo and speaker images for the Children's Book Mastery Summit

Wed 15th – Sun 19th January: sessions free to access for 24 hours

Format, speakers and schedule

The summit brings together over 25 experts, including many bestselling children’s authors, editors and expert marketers, all of whom will be sharing their strategies for successfully creating, promoting and marketing children’s books. Pre-recorded video sessions will run starting at  8:00 ​am EST​ | ​5:00 ​am PST | ​​1:00 pm UK time on each day and will be free to access for 24 hours afterwards.

I shall be focusing on school visits and establishing your brand locally in my session. These are, of course, a vital part of any children’s author’s book marketing strategy.

Other sessions include (but are by no means limited to):

  • How to find inspiration and craft a great children’s story
  • Strategies to help you create better characters
  • Plotting and writing style techniques, to ensure a polished children’s story
  • How to create a picture book with precise, actionable steps
  • How to improve your manuscript with revision and feedback
  • How to get the best illustrations (within your budget)
  • The best ways to market affordably and efficiently
  • Creating non-fiction books for kids
  • Using social media to grow your online presence
  • Understanding direct fulfilment if you don’t use print on demand
  • Acquiring honest reviews and building a following
  • And much more…

At sign-up you’ll get a free ‘Playbook’ with top tips and download bonuses from each speaker, including cheat sheets, free course offers, free books and much more – all focusing on children’s self-publishing and/or marketing.

Remember – the free sessions are only available for 24 hours, so take a look through them and get organised!

>>  Find out more and claim your free ticket to The Children’s Book Mastery online conference

Optional lifetime access (advance notice) – Premium Pass

Just so you know, you’ll be given two options to upgrade to a Premium Pass offering lifetime access to the sessions – the cost is $47 if you sign up after free registration, or $67 if you sign up later during the conference. If you choose either upgrade option, I will earn a small affiliate fee which will go towards time/costs. Or you can simply enjoy the conference for free as it runs during next week!

That’s it for now. I will update you with my other news in the coming week 😊.


PS  Here’s the speaker information and free registration page once more

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