Hello – I’m Karen Inglis.

I live in London, UK, and I’m a self-published children’s author with close to 20,000 sales across my titles, as well as over 550 book app sales. My first children’s book The Secret Lake, a time travel mystery adventure for ages 8-11, which came out in September 2011, is an Amazon UK bestseller at the time of writing. It continues to be a firm favourite at school visits and was considered by CBBC for adaption a couple of years ago.

A year after The Secret Lake came Eeek! The Runaway Alien, a fast-paced black and white illustrated novel for ages 7-10, about a soccer-mad alien who runs away to Earth during the World Cup. Eeek! was singled out early on by reading charities, teachers, librarians and book reviewers as great for boys and reluctant readers in particular, and has been used in the Get London Reading Campaign.


Next up came Henry Haynes and The Great Escape – a page-turning illustrated chapter book for 6-8 years in which Gordon the gorilla masterminds a zoo escape (you heard it here first!). My latest book for middle grade readers is Walter Brown and the Magician’s Hat (7-9+ years) in which magical mayhem ensues when Walter inherits a top hat from with specials powers from his Great-grandpa Horace and discovers that his cat Sixpence is no ordinary cat…

Finally, for the younger ones, aged 3-5 yrs, I have a two rhyming picture books Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep – also available as an eBook and on Kindle, and Ferdinand Fox and the Hedgehog.

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This ‘info blog’ gives an overview of the process I went through to get my books to market on a modest budget – and I hope it will be of use for anyone considering self-publishing fiction (or indeed non-fiction) using the ‘DIY’ method rather than a third party.

To add to this, on 31 July 2018 I published How to Self-publish and Market a Children’s Book in the Kindle Store. The print book is due out in September 2018. While the information you will find on my website all still holds true, in the book there is a lot more detail as well as updated information about new tools and promotional opportunities that aren’t covered here. Click or tap here to find out more and link to the Kindle book in your country’s Amazon store. You can also sign up to be notified when the print book is out.

Front cover showing books turned int castles and a book title

Out now on Kindle. Print book due out September 2018.

I do not try to replicate the many fantastic websites and blogs about self-publishing already out there that go into huge amounts of detail, but I do provide links to the ones I found of most use. And I don’t blog regularly – rather I add posts and updates from time to time when something changes or comes up that I think warrants attention – so if you’d like to receive an email when I occasionally post please join my mailing list (I won’t mail often and you can unsubscribe any time!).

Best wishes,

Karen Inglis

Updated 3rd August 2018