Spring update: Non-fiction book launch!

Updated 4th June 2021

I’ve had my head down since the early part of the year working on a fully updated and expanded second edition of How to Self-publish and Market a Children’s Book. I’m delighted to say that this is now live on Amazon in print and for Kindle, and available to order from wider stores in print. 😊 The eBook is on Apple Books and Kobo as I write and will be on Google Play and the B&N store in early June.

(Please note: I use Amazon affiliate links at no extra cost to you)

Key additions include Amazon and other advertising strategies for children’s authors, planning and running virtual school visits, children’s audiobooks, translations, foreign rights — and much more. See below for full details, as well as news about a standalone publication How to Market a Children’s Book, also now out, and aimed at seasoned self-publishers looking only for market support.

Here’s more detail about each book. 😊

1. How to Self-publish and Market a Children’s Book (Second Edition)

The first edition of this book is almost three years old now, and it has been on my task list to update it for the last 12 months. However, finding the time was always difficult with other projects on the go. I am delighted finally to have got to it, and thrilled and (if I’m honest!) relieved to have completed what I started back in January.

The second edition comes in at 425 pages — more than 100 longer than the first edition!

Whilst much from the first edition remains ‘evergreen’ (as I always knew it would), a lot has changed since the summer of 2018. This expanded edition is packed with new and updated information on all aspects of both self-publishing and marketing children’s books, and goes into more advanced marketing strategies in key areas such as advertising, translation and foreign rights. It comes in at a whopping 425 pages — a third as long again as the first book!

Happily, Vellum —which I use for formatting — has a more sophisticated table of contents feature than previously, which means I’ve been able to break down chapters with subheadings in the ToC. This will help you navigate quickly to relevant sections for your needs at any given time.

The print book should be available to order outside Amazon later next week.
(A delay with Ingram means I can’t extend the print discount outside of Amazon I’m afraid.)

It has been a huge undertaking and I don’t think will disappoint. Many of my followers tell me they use the current print edition as their go-to reference. It’s having everything in one place that makes it so useful. I can’t disagree! And I think the improved table of contents adds even more value. As ever, I’d recommend getting it in print — even though I make marginally less from those sales. But I’ll leave that up to you!

2. How to Market a Children’s Book

It has also been on my mind that at some stage I will need to separate the original book into two permanently, since updates for each half won’t always become critical at the same time. This year is the first step in that direction with the simultaneous publication of How to Market a Children’s Book.

Coming in at just over 270 pages (almost the same length as the first edition of the combined book!), this ‘sibling edition’ comprises the marketing part of the new combined book above — and is aimed at seasoned self-publishers who understand the key self-publishing processes and distribution options, and are just looking for support with marketing and advertising strategy.

Available during the week of 24th May 2021 — contains the marketing content from above

Key content of the combined edition (If you don’t have the first edition)

  • How and where you can self-publish your children’s story at little or no cost: the recommended joint routes using print on demand
  • Alternatives to print on demand: short digital runs or offset printing and who this is suitable for (including using Kickstarter to fund upfront costs)
  • How to avoid vanity presses and other scam services that will take your money
  • Why print matters when it comes to children’s self-publishing, but why eBooks are critical for marketing
  • Book formatting (print and eBooks) — DIY practical tips for picture books, chapter books and middle grade novels, using specialist tools, templates or outsourcing
  • Why it’s important to work with professional children’s editors, illustrators and cover designers, and where to find them
  • Tips for setting up your author website, ensuring your email marketing is compliant, and an overview of social media platforms and marketing options
  • How to set up successful school visits and other face-to-face events — and how to plan and run virtual school events
  • Best practice and expectations for getting into bookshops
  • Which tools and advertising platforms can help with your book marketing, including key strategies for Amazon and other advertising
  • How to get reviews: at launch and later in your marketing journey
  • How to create and market audiobooks
  • When and how to approach translation and foreign rights
  • Where to find other self-publishers for ongoing support and advice

‘What’s new’ in the combined edition (If you already have the first book)

I’m aware that many reading here will have the first edition — I’ll therefore list below the new key features. However, many of the existing sections have also been updated where things have changed, or new services have come on stream since the summer of 2018.

The topics marked with an asterisk also appear in the separate ‘How to Market a Children’s Book’ edition, due out next week.

To be clear, this is not the table of contents; that is far more extensive. However, if you have the first edition it gives you a feel for what’s new.

  • Alternatives to POD: as well as short runs, this now includes a larger section on when to consider high-volume offset runs and options for doing this
  • Using Kickstarter to fund upfront print costs (best for advance marketers)
  • New formatting software for PC and Mac to compete with Vellum — coming your way! Just a side reference for now, but I’m beta testing this and will update everyone in the online resources folder for the book when I have more info
  • Creating and marketing children’s audiobooks (*the marketing book focuses only on audiobook marketing)
  • Managing translations, and licensing foreign rights*
  • Tools to support your marketing — updated to include new platforms, and free or paid-for video creation and editing software*
  • How to get reviews — revised and updated, including new collaborative platforms and additional resources/links for finding children’s book reviewers*
  • Virtual and pre-recorded school visits — a detailed look at planning and running, technology and tips (in addition to face-to-face events)*
  • Social media marketing — all sections expanded with more practical detail and tips, especially Instagram and YouTube*
  • Children’s book advertising — hugely expanded, including an extensive section on Amazon advertising, and more practical detail on when Facebook ads vs boosted posts may work (I have one ad that is doing extremely well), plus more info on Pinterest ads*
  • Selling direct from your site— print, eBooks or audiobooks*

Here are the links to the combined book one more time:

To find the ‘marketing only’ edition use the links above then click on Karen P Inglis — the other edition will then show up.

“A masterclass wrapped up in a book!” ~ Amazon reviewer of the first edition

That’s it for now. I’ll post again with more news of what I’ve been up to soon.

Stay safe, Karen 📚

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2 Responses to Spring update: Non-fiction book launch!

  1. Andrew says:

    Hello Karen,

    Andrew from WordPress here. Do you do your own art or are you collaborating with an artist? I find the creative process intriguing.

    Looking forward to chatting with you further.



    • kareninglis says:

      Hi Andrew — I collaborate. (If the topic of self-publishing children’s books really interests you I’d highly recommend my non-fiction book 🙂 I If you go to Amazon you’ll be able to read over 100 reviews for the first edition. The second edition is just out and almost one third as long again!) Best wishes, Karen

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