Out now on Kindle. Print book to follow.

How to Self-Publish and Market a Children’s Book is now available in the Kindle Store 🙂  The print edition will be out in September 2018 and I will create a blog post and email my newsletter followers and update this page at that time. See below for a few notes on the Kindle version.

Front cover showing books turned int castles and a book title

Out now on Kindle. Print book due out September 2018.

A quick note about the table of contents 

If you choose the Kindle version you will have a top level Table of Contents with 30 chapters spread over two parts:

  • Part 1: Self-publishing
  • Part 2: Marketing

You will also have access to a resources folder with a more detailed Table of Contents showing sub-sections within those 30 chapters. This is based on what will will appear in the print book and will be useful to print off to help you keep track of where you are in this very long book. The resources folder also brings together useful links and example downloads that are included or referenced in the book.

View, download a sample or buy a copy from Amazon here

Why the delay for the print book?

A few things changed in the lead-up to the launch around Amazon reviews and (importantly) around advertising and other promotional options for children’s books, including a new site that will soon accept self-published children’s books for reviews. I didn’t want to go to press without including them. In addition, my time travel adventure The Secret Lake has been on the Amazon UK bestseller lists since May and I wanted to make adjustments to include insights from this. It hit 75 in the UK Amazon print store at one point in early July, which was possibly the nicest shock of the year. 🙂

The delay needed to implement these changes had inevitable knock-on for the availability of the editing and formatting team around me and it became clear that formatting for print simply wouldn’t be possible in time for 31 July. My sincere apologies if you were hoping to read it on the beach!

I will post here and send out an email as soon as the print book is ready. I’m just waiting to get an estimate for when in September this is likely to be.

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